On the coast of Maine

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EXPORT - blog-22EXPORT - blog-13 EXPORT - blog-8We had the opportunity to stay in this old farmhouse on the coast of Maine last week. It sits on the St George Peninsula, near Tenant’s Harbor and is an old dairy farm. The barn is attached to the house in the old New England style, and the owners have kept much of the house in original condition. I felt like I was living in an Andrew Wyeth painting. It was a delight to just ramble around the house and barn, taking in the views, and salt air, and imagining all the hard work and long days that must have gone into this farm every day in years gone by.

EXPORT - blog-24 EXPORT - blog-23Austin wanted to take this boat out and, for a minute, I was afraid he would, but luckily the long walk through the field and down the rocky shore deterred himEXPORT - blog-14EXPORT - blog-82EXPORT - blog-81


Davis and I enjoyed a little fire on the beach one night before the boys arrived. A sneaker wave surprised him while he was getting water to put out the fire
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Cooking brats on the beach . . .  we are a fire loving family
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EXPORT - blog-31 EXPORT - blog-30 EXPORT - blog-29Reid did a pretty cool number on his shorts when he mistook the bleach for laundry detergent. Some people pay good money to get shorts to look like thatEXPORT - blog-27 EXPORT - blog-26 EXPORT - blog-34

Lobster, of course

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a lighthouse

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Day trip to Monhegan Island and the ferry

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Yoga on the Rocks



hiking all over the island

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Fairy Houses in Cathedral Woods


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EXPORT - blog-58 EXPORT - blog-57 EXPORT - blog-56 EXPORT - blog-55 EXPORT - blog-54 Austin building his house

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We lost Reid for a few hours but eventually, there he was

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Local Farm stand

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Lots of Rock Hopping

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