Dingle Peninsula

14 May 2017

Irma suggested we tour the Dingle Peninsula, and she helped us plan out the drive. Austin and Christina would arrive later that day, by bus, plane or car??? Long story.

Surfing Inch Beach


Dingle Peninsula



We were quite taken with Minard Castle. It is one of only three remaining mid 16th century Fitzgerald castles built on Dingle Peninsula. In 1650 Cromwell’s army detonated charges at each of the corners of the castle. It sustained massive damage but remained standing. All the occupants of the castle were killed.

The boulder beach is phenomenal

We drove on, along the Dingle peninsula, making our way to the town of Dingle. We were trapped by every little hand made sign along the way.

“Come pet the sheep, and see a real stone fort”.

“Prehistoric Celtic archaeological finds”

“Picture the dog riding the donkey”


As Reid said, we were there to be trapped, and loved every minute of it


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